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Under Road Boring Australia has a number of Case Boring Boring Machines capable of boring horizontally through the soil to hard rock via a steel casing with Auger and cutting head. These machines are used to bore casings under a number of different obstacles including, roads, creeks, railways or any other ground that cannot be open cut.


Case Boring offers a safe, quick and efficient alternative to other forms of boring. URBA’s Case Boring Machines are able to Bore holes from 300mm – 1200mm in diameter depending on ground conditions.

URBA have designed and built a number of different cutting heads ranging from Clay Heads up to Rock heads with rotating teeth for the removal of rock. All equipment is designed and built within our workshop using our team of qualified boiler makers.

At the start of the bore, the machine needs to be placed near the invert level of the pipeline to be bored. The length and width are pre-determined and discussed depending on room around the site where the bore is to take place.

The machine bores through the ground at the required height / grade and soil is removed from the front of the steel casing via the Auger. The soil then travels down the casing and exits via the side of the Case Boring Machine. Upon completion of the bore, the Augers can be removed without the excavation of an exit pit. This minimises disruption to pedestrians and or traffic. The casing is left in the ground for the carrier pipe to be jacked into place. Upon request, URBA are able to ‘jack’ the carrier pipe using staff who are qualified pipe layers and grout the bore.


 - Auger Bores At Huntlee For Water & Recycled Water -

2 x 600mm Auger Bores 60m
2 x 400mm Auger Bores 60m
1 x 500mm Auger Bore 30m

 - Auger Bore -

1 x 450mm, 24m In Length For Water.

 - Tamworth Regional Council -

42m 700mm Case Bore


50m 400mm Gravity Sewer In Newcastle


30m of 900mm Stormwater Auger Bore Installed For Mid Coast Council. Bore Was Installed Through Trying Ground Conditions Consisting Of Large Basalt Floaters.


60m of 600mm Steel Case Installed For Ledonne Construction For Gravity Sewer.